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Lost instalation after Windows 10 upgrade


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First I want to apologize to moderators if my question I am about to post is viewed negatively, I did not see anything in the rules about copies of Legacy programming. This 10+ year old game is out of support and got the idea directly from a Microsoft Technical agent. In no way do I see the cloning, or swapping of disks illegal once it falls out of support.


I had been playing CSF3 for quite some time in Windows 7 starting from Disk1. I chose to upgrade to Windows 10 during the free offer, and just haven't revisited this game until recently. To my horror, :mad: I found that the CAB5 cabinet is corrupted. I think the damage goes way beyond corrupted files and there is some actually missing. I had repaired the intro movie which was causing the game not to install, and it finally did. Now I get all types of errors in trying to start including the intro movie not starting. Once it did it will not allow me to save controller configurations due to an xml failure. Now I found it wont restart.


As I had mentioned previously, I do not see any legal issue with trading, gifting, or swapping a zip copy of disk1 since it fell out of support. Would anybody out there that still has a copy of CFS3 v1.08 that you could provide to me? I don’t think that you have to provide it in ISO. I think I can convert a zip(Legacy) not zipx?(new file type) into ISO myself. Just copy/paste the entirety of disk one into a zip file.


Also would you know where to obtain the 3.0 patch/upgrade? I have been able to find 3.1 and 3.1a. The 3.1 indicates it converts 3.0 > 3.1.


Thanks for your assistance, I am currently grounded and hope to be :pilot: soon!

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