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Back working on my G1000 FTD


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Just a note to everyone who might have an interest in the G1000 Trainer, I'm back working on my FS1000 FTD which is a desktop control box with real switches and knobs to interact with the Garmin G1000 Trainer software (which runs on a PC).


I'm documenting my work as I go at this website: http://www.glassFTD.com


I took some time off to dive into a rabbit hole called low powered laser machines. I found it too expensive to keep sending out my CAD drawings to have my panels laser cut, so I decided to buy my own DIY laser kit and build it myself. Well, after 10 long months of getting educated on these laser machines and having to write my own CAM software to make it cut out my panels, I can finally now get back to my FS1000 FTD project!

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I am very interested in how you get on with this . I intend to build my own which will be part of my Phenom 300 project.


Is the operating code based on Lua scripts?


I will be keeping an eye on your progress. Thanks for sharing.





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