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With a little help from my friends


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I recently purchased the Flysimware Lear, based in part on posts in this forum. (And because it was on sale :o)

Several forum members were kind enough to share their experience and efforts with this plane. Thank you.

The result is a better, more complete, aircraft that I have really come to appreciate. A few shots now...


A stormy flight from Parry Sound to Elliot Lake, Ontario. Thanks to the working weather radar I was able to see

the thunderstorms coming. I decided it was best to set down, have a good burger, and wait it out. — Bob


Oh, I also threw in a bonus shot in another nice Canadian livery.


FSXcap (196).jpg


FSXcap (197).jpg


FSXcap (198).jpg


FSXcap (199).jpg


FSXcap (200).jpg



i7-7700 3.6GHz / GTX1660 6GB / 32GB RAM / 49" Samsung CHG90 / WIN10

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