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Earth Simulations - DVD install help needed please


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I have just bought ES DVD versions of the Scilly Isles, Guernsey and Alderney - and am wondering if, in spite of folks saying that they will install OK, I have wasted my money. I'd really appreciate some help in getting the installer to work, please _ I have wasted at least three hours on this already.


I read various threads on the subject before trying to install, and also downloaded and read the ESI_Installer_Help.pdf, prepared by Flightstore....


Only tried installing Isles of Scilly so far. What I did was this:


1. Disconnected my PC from the internet

2. Put the DVD into the PC and let autorun do its stuff

3. Wait for system checks to run - all are OK, nothing to install, so press NEXT

4. Page comes up with spaces for email address; password; ES Path/FSX Path. The first two are pointless I assume, as ES no longer exists (though I have tried with an email address as well), but the paths in the last two boxes are fine. 'NEXT'...

5. 'Working...'. Then 'Ready': Confirmation 'Checks Complete. Ready to Activate ESI'. I press NEXT

6. Another confirmation ESInstaller Setup is complete' (It's version 2.4). All three boxes are marked 'Passed' and the 'Start ESI' box is checked.

7. 'Install Isles of Scilly Now'. I click 'Go'

8. Large web-like page opens..."Communicating with ES, please wait..." shows on the Web tab.

9. When that is complete, as per the pdf file, above, I don't click the large "Install Now" button but choose the "Unlock" button, or the small "Install" button in one of the small right-hand panes.

10. I immediately get a window "Please enter your new serial code". I enter serial from the DVD box and press 'OK'.


..and nothing happens. No messages, no files are copied and the window still shows 'Locked'. I have checked the serial number several times - I haven't made any typos with it.


If you have managed to get this (or any of the ES) software to install from the DVDs, I'd be grateful to know what I need to do in addition to the above. I have uninstalled the ESInstaller and even done a System Restore (Win7 x64) to a point before I put the cursed DVD into my PC, but always the same result - the little box says 'Locked' and nothing is copied. How do I unlock the DVD?? It's really frustrating.


I tried extracting the bgl and dds files from the .esi setups using WinRar, as also suggested - I get the files OK, but none seems to work in FSX when I add them to the scenery library.. even the pdf won't open, (my pdf reader says it's not a pdf file or corrupt).


I've read through the help at arm-computers re. ES, but no progress...


Finally, if anyone has the ES sceneries installed, it would be really helpful to have screenshots of how all the folders appear in the FSX library, in case I have to extract and install everything manually.


Help much appreciated! Thank you.



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