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VSKYLABS 'Contraventus' Experimental Prototype

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The VSKYLABS 'Contraventus' Experimental Prototype for X-Plane 10.51


Explore the fascinating and challenging world of precision flight in an electric powered, experimental aircraft. It is a robust, highly equipped, electric powered prototype design which is initially based on the the MIT 'Daedalus 88' (the human powered, record braking aircraft) design.


The design concept of the VSKYLABS 'Contraventus' prototype is to experiment and research the practical use of electric power coupled with wind energy utilization for 24 hours battery cells charging capabilities. The 'Contraventus' is a concept demonstrator and educational tool for experiencing some of the fascinating aspects of aerodynamics and flight envelope limitations.


Development notices:

Current version: VSKYLABS Contra-Ventus V10.51-001

This version is for use only with X-Plane 10.51

A designated 'Contraventus' aircraft version for X-Plane 11 will be added to this package soon after X-Plane 11 goes final (not beta). It will be a FREE update.


Very Important:


This is a focused (although simplified in some aspects)*scientific project. Please take a few minutes and read the 'Contraventus' User Manual, found in the aircraft page at: http://www.vskylabs.com/2016/11/vskylabs-contraventus.html


Can you successfully sail the skies? There is only one way to find out... ;)




vskylabs dadlus electriX prototype3 1024 023.jpg

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