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X-Plane Steps up to the Plate


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Thanks David - here are a few more random shots. The airplanes in these shots are payware addons but the scenery (including the animated taxi director and gates at PAJN) are the stock or freeware addons. The DC8 shot is from XP10 - the others are the XP11 beta release



Switching to the XP forum for future XP shots/posts - frequency change approved :D














Looking good. Thanks for the screens.

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REX Worldwide Airports HD



ORBX Freeware Airports




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BTW - did you keep that Catalina? It would easily fund a conversion today! :D:D:D


God knows I wish I had!! :o:o It was a 2+2 Hardtop with the H.O. motor complete with Tri-power carbs, limited slip, and was a stick. No power except steering and brakes. No A/C, etc.


With the cash from my next Vietnam deployment I bought a Red '69 Roadrunner 440 Six Pack equipped the same way except it had a bench seat up front.


I'm sure either one, if in good condition, could probably be sold for the price of a "starter" home today. I don't even go online and check the auction sites. What I don't know can't depress me! :rolleyes:



Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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Granted, clouds, seasonal textures (or lack thereof) and in particular AI/ATC are still major issues ...


I can stop there, not interested. And the "Saint Austin" X-Plane cult of personality has always turned me off. FSX, still my choice, with great AS clouds, seasonal textures, and more great looking airports than I have time to fly to, so ... But, have to admit, it's amazing that Austin has actually changed some things that never seemed to interest him or warrant his attention before, like that daft XP user interface. Who would have thought?!? :p

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