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What does this error message mean i ADE9x?


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When I try to compile an airport (from its AFCAD file) in ADE9x, I get an error message, which says:


"FS9 does not allow airline codes for parking spots with an index greater than 254"


The programme fixes the errors, but I'd like to know what the problem is with the file - Googling came up with nothing. Can anyone explain what the error actually message means?



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Basically, the best way to view parking slot numbers versus index numbers are that parking slot numbers are 'volatile' and can have gaps in the numbering whilst index numbers always run consecutively and never have gaps.


When you create a spot it is automatically assigned a parking number and an index number.


By default, the first spot created is assigned parking slot 1 and index number 000, the next spot will be 2 and 001. As you add more spots both numbers increase. So, if you create 30 parking slots the numbers will be 1 to 30 and 000 to 029.


However, if you then delete two spots (say 7 and 8) the spot numbers are removed and the index numbers are automatically adjusted - so slots 1 to 6 remain index numbers 000 to 005 but spots 9 to 30 become index numbers 006 to 027.


If you now add a new slot it will automatically be assigned as parking slot 31 and its index number will 028.


So basically, each time you add a new spot the parking number increases by 1 over the last number used whilst the index number will take the next consecutive number.


As pschlute has stated, in FS9 can only handle a maximum of 254 parking slots that contain assigned airline parking codes - there is, however no limit on how many unassigned slots available.


To resolve the error you will need to review the parking slots and their airline assignments and remove the codes from a number of them to stop the error message reoccurring. This can easily be done by going to List > Parking and viewing the list of parking slots. You can then edit individual or multiple entries from here.




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The rule applies like this:


index 255 and above can not have a parking code.


So you can have 255 parking slots (index 0-254) and none of them have a parking code applied. If you try to add a code to index number 255 you will get the error.


It is not the number of codes, but which index number you are trying to apply it to that matters.

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