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Turbine engines for beginners


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I have spent the last 15 years playing piston engine props and understand them pretty well. I fly when I can afford it in real life too.


I am getting the itch to move up a notch to a bigger plane, maybe turbo-prop or small jet. The problem is that there is a bewildering amount of new gear to figure out. N1, N2, Torque, engine temperatures, beta (prop pitch?). The few times I have tried a jet I ended up with all engines in the redline and no clue what to do about it.


Does anyone know of a primer on turbine engines for those who know next to nothing?


I have searched a few times on the site and found some good articles, just not on the level I need.


I Appreciate the help.

Jeffery Sitz

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By the way, I have FS9 and P3D. If there is a good freeware or stock airplane for me to start on; maybe one without glass panels, I have to learn one thing at a time here, I am open to suggestions. I have a non working version of FSX (no serial key because I bought it at a yard sale) so I can get stock planes from there as well.
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