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Not sure if you are still following the FSX thread where you originally posted this Q - so here is a repeat of what I posted there......................


You could get a second internal drive if the motherboard and case has enough room. Even if it is a laptop you will most likely have a spare drive bay for it.


Adding a new drive that is going to be used a second drive is relatively straight forward - in a laptop it is very easy but a desktop/tower requires a bit more work.


Another option, if bays are not available, is to get a bigger internal drive and clone the contents of the current drive onto the new one before installing it into the rig. There are various tools available (both payware and freeware) to easily accomplish the task.




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Check the back of your plate on your motherboard and see if you and eSata connector. If I knew your motherboard type I could look it up. An eSata connector allows you to hook up an external drive enclosure and run external drives and they will be as fast as the drives inside your machine. I have many games and programs on external eSata drives as my flight Simulators take up most of my internal drives. I can tell you for fact you will not see a speed difference between internal and external eSata.
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