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I have been out of simulation for a few years, I was big into modding and tweaking FS2004 ACOF and flying online with VATSIM. I bought my own house a couple years ago and finally got my simulator partially dusted off. I've been looking at panel upgrades, software, and planning my future King Air build which has all been leading me to potentially upgrading my primary interface.


Since I've been away from things for so long I feel like a newbie, this is one reason I'm posting in here. I know there's been comparisons in the past but perhaps we can get some valuable updates for a more current time frame. Obviously we are comparing FSX to Lockheed Martin Prepar3d, these are the heavy weights, and although M.S. is completely closed down and not officially supported it's wake still continues.


Now coming from FS2004, I absolutely love the program, it's like buying a used airplane, somethings just don't work right, but however frustrating these things add character and experience. Anyone whos flown Ms has seen the runway and never made it, the image burnt into your screen, you've switched frequencies for atc and crashed to desktop; plagued with instability we are still drawn back because there is simple logical file structure, nicely refined interfaces, proper lessons, training certificates, pilot logs, and upgrades galore.


But how does all this compare to P3d? The new kid on the block with no history of development like Ms (decades worth in fact). Sure it's active, new code, new updates, future releases, but is this just another Jurassic Park, or do they have something more?


I value everyone's input, however I'm really looking for the seasoned Ms user that has been through addons, customizing, crashes and even successful flights where everything was perfect; then moved to p3d and gave it an honest chance, upgraded, tweaked, integrated, created custom cockpit panels and used hardware panels from your cockpit with yoke and throttle setups to fly the sim. What are your thoughts and opinions, if you had all your money back today, what would you invest in, which is the more realistic training platform that would be best suited for real world flying?


Thank you for reading and your input.

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