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FSX A300B blanked gauges


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I just installed several addons from Thomas Ruth's A300B series. Most gauges work fine in all models, except the complete autopilot panel and the radio panel for which all entry windows are blanked and buttons inoperative. Also the radio-altimeter is blank too. I ensured that the gauge folder tom3b4 is well in both the FSX/Gauges folder and in the [aircraft]/Panel folder. I checked the panel.cfg and aircraft.cfg files for anything chocking but I could not find anything obvious. The XML files look OK as well as the .bmp files. Would anyone have any idea or suggestions ? The screen captures appended to the decompressed files show normal displays ! My config is FSX Pro + SP1 + SP2. Many thanks in advance. miketango.
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I rechecked with both engines running, all 3 batteries ON, both engines generators ON.


I couldn't find any Avionics Master switch (I do not think there is one on the A300).


On affected panels (autopilot glareshield, overhead panel pop-up, radio panel pop-up, thrust rating panel, radio-altimeter) display windows are blank, some toggle switches are missing and rotary switches are inoperative (no small hand symbol when you overfly them).


Besides the above, everything works well and the aircraft is great to fly with smooth controls and precise behaviour!


What else to check? Any other simmer reporting the same?



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I downloaded and tried the Tom A-300b4 IranianAir from Flyawaysim.


A-300B4 Iranian.JPG


2D cockpit with radiostack popup and AP indicators lit.

2D cockpit.JPG


VC Cockpit



A lot of aircraft do not have a Master Avionics switch on their panels. You have a couple of choices on how to handle that.


1. Program a keystroke for "Master Avionics" On/Off.


2. Install an Avionics on/off switch from another aircraft onto the 2D panel.


3. If you have not setup a "cold and dark" default flight scenario, this would be a flight starting at any airport, sitting at any parking spot with the engines turned off, all electrical items turned off, with the exception of the AVIONICS SWITCH! I highly recommend using the default Baron58 or C-172 for this "Default Flight!"


The "Default Flight" never really has to be flown. It's just for setting up any of your aircraft for the "cold and dark" situation.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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You said you copied the folder 'gauges' to to panel folder, etc.


You should not simply copy that folder. You should have copied the contents. In other words, you should have copied the gauges themselves.


And assign a keyboard key to 'avionics master'. Works on all planes, even though not all planes have a button in vc or panel.

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I assigned the key "*" to Avionics Master ON/OFF but to no avail, still no joy !


The autopilot display windows, the radio/nav windows and the radio altimeter remain desesperately black ! ... All the rest is just beautiful !


I did nothing about the "default flight" because - I'm afraid - I not understood that aspect.


Thanks for your advices !

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