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Questions about Pro ATC X


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The more I get involved with complex addons and procedure flying, the more the default FSX ATC annoys me. I've done some research and I think that Pro ATC X will serve my needs best, being able to handle SID/STARs complex flight planning and this stuff. But I have some questions anyway:


I read some reviews, but they were all quite old and I think the last update is newer than a month, so have there been significant changes since the original release?


(how good) can the flight planer/Atc handle:



+not normal/emergency procedures

+step climbs

+maybe even Concorde Cruise Climb

+AI traffic on the ground and in the air ??


How specific are these checklists, that Pro Atc includes? I can't imagine that I'll get anywhere using the same checklist for an Airbus/Boeing/Tristar/etc.


Is there a Demo Version available?


If you think there's a better ATC addon out there, please feel free to mention it as well.


Many thanks in advance for your help.



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