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How to run FSX at 30fps?


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I got a quick question on what settings I should use. I have a PMDG 737/777 running at about 12-15fps with UK2000 scenery. In the airbus x it's a different story with about 5-10fps with the same scenery. This is all being run with a AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8GHz, a GTX 760 2GB, 16gb of ram. And all this being run at 720p rather than 1080p.




P.s: I'm planning on getting a new motherboard with a intel i5 6600K would this help?

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That i5 is almost twice as good as the cpu you have now. It should make a big difference. Not sure about 30fps. In the air yes I think. Less then 30 at airports with a lot of traffic.


Consider i7 6700k if planning on many addons.


Type: "specs of your cpu as you posted (phenom until 2.8ghz)" vs 6600k


in google. You'll find comparisons on sites like 'CPU Boss'. (vs stands for versus). That tells you all.

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