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Good enough for prepar in 4K ?

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First post here :-) hope to get some help :-)



If I build the following PC (first time build) Would it be able to run prepar in 4K with all the PMDG 777/747 and the usual ADD ons for eye candy ?


I run single monitor. If not in 4K can I expect good performance in regular HD?


Any inputs, good advices or just comments are greatly appreciated


I7 6700k (Will the I5 6600K be just as good ?) savings considered...

Asus Z170 gaming Motherboard

MSI GTX 1060, 6 GB

2 x 8 GB ddr4 HYPER X BLACK 2133 MHz

Noctua d15 NH cooler

Samsung 500 GB SSD 850 evo drive

Some sort of powersupply... Any recommendations ? Same for cabinet..


Ok I Will keep it at that for a start. Hope to get some advices. Thanks in advance.

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