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IVAO question from a newbie


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Hi everyone!

I've been having fun with FSX for a year or two and I decided to get involved in IVAO. However, as a newbie, I have two questions that may sound obvious to the seasoned flightsimmer. Anyhow, I hope someone can help me.


- I use Active Sky Next (with the actual weather) and I wonder what settings I have to use when logging in to the IVAO network. Does my actual weather settings cause any conflicts? How should I proceed?

- I use My Traffic 2010 for AI; how do I need to proceed so there is no conflict when flying online?


Thanks in advance!

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Use ASN as usual but disable IVAO weather. You can do so by opening IvAp Configuration (search for it in Start) and Disable weather in the weather tab.


AI's are automatically disabled once you connect online on the network.

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