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Best settings for vfr flying.


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I have orbx England installed along with vector and openlc. Also use rex 4 and asn.


On asn there's tons tonnes of different options to change.


I appreciate it's also subjective, but are there any particular "settings" or "popular" submissions by users?


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That .5 setting is a bit wide, to me at least, for max enjoyment. I use .7 or .8, partly for cockpit visibility (I want to read the gauges) and partly because it comes closer to a proper perspective when looking at the scenery (the big reason for ORBX in the first place). Besides, it makes landings easier when closer to 1.0. I also change that zoom level on occasion, depending on the situation. Also, I use TrackIR, which lets me look around a lot, smoothly and without having to think about it.


Like Roger, I know nothing about ASN but for VFR you generally want a smooth frame rate for max enjoyment and for ease of flying. So in big city areas you'll probably want lower autogen settings, while in more remote areas you can have those settings higher. Water quality also has a big effect on frame rate in wetter areas.


But so much depends on your particular system, the aircraft you're flying (both how fast you go and how demanding the aircraft is on your system), as well as what add-ons are installed and running. So my settings probably won't match yours for ideal. Besides, I have various "custom" scenery settings (low, high, mid and some others for certain areas), so my ideal settings change depending on many factors. I expect yours do, too.


Larry N.

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Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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