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X-Plane downloads


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There may be a lot of traffic, but it is faster if you pay for membership. You could also check if they have your files at aerosoft or X-plane.org, though I've just downloaded something for XP from aerosoft and they were very slow too. Maybe just wait a bit and try later.



AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, 48GB RAM, RTX 2070S, 2x1TB Nvme SSD. FSX Gold, XP-11, MSFS.

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Thanks - I upgraded my membership and installed FDM. Then retried the download which was fast & successful! I didn't run FDM - was it working in the background?


Many thanks for becoming a First Class Member gaftpee, it's very much appreciated:D


Glad you're enjoying the faster download too! Speaking of which; make sure you download the HD Mesh scenery found in the file library, these files are (in my opinion) a must have add-on for X-Plane and make a great upgrade to the default X-Plane mesh.


Have fun!!





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