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FSX GPS weirdness


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I have the NAV switch set to GPS, have the direct to setup and working fine on the GPS...CDI on the GPS shows up fine...but for some reason it won't show up on my VOR display so I'm stuck flying off the GPS CDI on the GPS as opposed to the VOR Display. Any ideas/hints on what I might be missing?
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Ah, thanks lnuss,

I think I get it. I checked the default 737 and there is a thick purple line that indicates when you go off course. I didn't know that purple line was called the CDI.

737 cdi.jpg


I usually fly the default 747, or the 737 with 747 VC. In those aircraft the flightplan does not show up in the horizontal situation indicator.

There is a thick purple line, but on the 747 this is the cource indicator. You set it's direction manually where it says DTK on the HSI. I use it for ILS landings I also use it for navigating on/to VOR's. But I don't use flightplans much.

However, I just found out it also indicates the course deviation when on a GPS flightplan, with the GPS/NAV switch in GPS-mode. Never knew that, thanks again. il88pp.

747 cdi.jpg

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