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just flight new edition L1011


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First, I think that the word 'New' in the description is a bit off - the product has been available for a while now and when first released was given the 'New' tag simply to identify from the previous version - the pro version is an upgraded version of the original and users of the original can actually buy a Pro upgrade pack...................


As you have got the product already I don't think you will find anything new BUT you can check that you have the latest version as follows:


If brought direct from the JF website - do either of these:


A Go to the JF website and click on the Customer Services link located at the top right of the page. On the Welcome page select the Service Packs, Fixes and Updates option located at the bottom right of the page. On the new page use the dropdown menu to find and select the product and then click on the go button - this will load the page containing SPs, fixes, updates and FAQs relevant to the product selected.


B. Log on to your account and select the My Orders link to view your orders. Find the order for the product and simply re-download it. This download will include all of the latest fixes and SPs available. NOTE - If you do this option you will need to uninstall the current install, including any repaint packages, before installing the new one, You will also have to re-activate the product.


If you brought from a 3rd party vendor:


This will depend on the way the 3rd party supports the product and how they achieve the activation process.


A. If you activated via the JF webserver, carryout the actions listed at option A above and install the SPs.


B. If the activation process was done on the 3rd parties website you could try option A above but if it fails you will need to contact the vendor for advice.




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