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"Air France" Breguet 763 Provence from Pau to Prestwick (FSX)


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One of the most impressive props I've ever seen, the French built 2-floor Breguet 763 "deux pont" Provence and the military version the Breguet "Sahara". A virtual flight from Pau, situated in the Southern part of France near the Spanish border to Prestwick in Scotland. I hope you enjoy this rare and impressive plane.


FSX Acceleration

Freeware Breguet 763 "Provence" and "Sahara"

Freeware Pau-LFPB airport scenery

Freeware Prestwick airport scenery

Freeware HDE-V2 clouds


(please click on the pics to enlarge)



















More in the reply*****

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So very beautifull...wow! I've had Christian Daboudet's flight model in my library since 2010. Isn't it one of the coolest aircraft ever created. Boy I love that. Peer, didn't they only make a couple of them...so zippy might actually be flying your plane!




Quick Edit: P.S. Thanks for posting screenshots to FlightSim! So many people are using remote locations lately.

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Like Kenny says, interesting aircraft. Looks like it needs to go on a diet :) GREAT pics of course, Sir Peerhoven!

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Mark, James, Kenny, Joe, Bernardo and Larry, I thank you all very much for the kind comments, it's appreciated! :):):)


First flight was in 1952, about 16 were built if I'm right. Safety rates were superb, only 1 incident is reported, everybody walked away safely and the plane went back into the air after some minor repair.

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Harummph! The guy who suggested a diet for this albatross had it right, but I doubt even Jenny Craig could straighten that thing out. The beauty is not in the plane, it's in the fact that the damned thing actually flies!
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Awesome shots. I've been looking for this plane but can only find FS2004 version. Where did you find the FSX version?


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Bréguet 763 "Deux Ponts" Provence Gmax 1.2 pour FS2004 is the one we are using. I replaced the panel with one from my Stratocusier.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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