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It is my very post in the forum, wanted to say hi first :)

I'm Gulfstream98, software engineer and aviation passionate.


I made this thread to recruit some BETA testers for OpenSKy AFFP, a flight calculations tool. This tool was made with inspiration from the softwares that my local airport uses, it regroups ALL the possible features for flight calculations in a professional technical user interface. It is actually in itself a simulator of true flight planners.


We need some BETA testers to test the capacity of the tool, no age restriction, no real in-depth technical knowledge needed, just the will to really test something and the ability to be part in a BETA testing team.

BETA recruits will have also a FREE copy of the tool


IF INTERESTED: add me Skype: gulfstream98

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Is using a specific aircraft required?


I have edited aircraft.cfg files. Would I need to use the default aircraft.cfg files to test the tool /use the tool? Or is it always accurate?


Is it a distance/fuel required/V-rotate/takeoff runway length required/best cruise alt/etc

calculator? Like an EFB?

Or is it more like cm FMC?


Does it interact with the autopilot?


I don't have skype, would contacting via PM and communicating via PM and or forum be ok?

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Custom .cfg is fully supported.

It has all the features of EFB + FMC combined.

No interaction with autopilot in the current testing version, but it is coming on the very next one.

EDIT: 2 recruits out of 8 have been taken till now

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