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Keeping track of WOAI airlines?


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Don't know if you can download the whole lot in one go but even if you did you will still have a problem remembering which ones are added, unless of course you install all of them which will take a lot of disk space. Even then you may have confusion when updates are released as to which file needs removing/replacing


An option would be to install them in an ordered fashion, making use of a file structure that you can easily navigate. It is worth noting that both FS2004 and FSX will happily load traffic files, scenery files and even Simobjects/Airplanes that are located outside of the sim. You simply have to tell the sim where to find them.


In my FSX install I have a large number of AI installed, mainly from WOAI and MAIW, and utilise a folder structure located within the sim for the models and outside of the sim for the traffic files (FTR I also have the majority of my addon scenery located outside of the sim as well and used the same practice when I was a FS2004 user).


Within the sim I have created a series of folders within the Simobjects (Airplane in FS2004) folder to house the AI models. As I use both WOAI and MAIW I have split them for better management but basically I have folders called AIWOIA, AIFastJets, AIHelo, AIHeavies and AITrainers. To get the sim to recognise the new folders you have to edit the main sim .cfg file (fsx.cfg or fs9.cfg as appropriate) and add a line that points to the new folder. For example, in FSX the listing for the SimObjects locations is contained within the [Main] section and looks like SimObjectPaths.X=SimObjects\ - the .X before the = sign is a number which starts at 0 and entries must run in sequence from the last number used. The is the actually name of the top level sub-folder that holds the actual model folders. So, for example my WOAI entry looks like this - SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\WOAI


WRT the traffic files - As stated I have mine outside of the sim along with my addon scenery. Basically I have a top level folder called Addon Scenery and then a load of subfolders that I use to store the addons files. My AI traffic files are in a folder called AI Traffic Files. Within this folder are a further set of sub-folders - for the WOAI stuff I have split it into airlines so I have folder names such as WOAI BA, WOAI Lufthansa and so on. It is important to note that each airline folder must contain a folder called scenery (eg WOAI BA\Scenery) and this is the folder in which you place the traffic file.


Obviously, you have to let the sim know where the files are. This is done as normal using the sim scenery setting page and pointing the sim to the files location. An advantage of placing the files outside of the sim is that, if you have a problem with the sim install and have to delete and reinstall you don't have to reinstall the whole lot. Simply make sure that you make regular backups of the appropriate scenery.cfg file. As stated this is the way I do it and the folder names suit my needs. You could, if you wish, instead of using separate folders for Airlines use a folder system based on country or regions.




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There is a World of AI Package downloader:




I downloaded the packages in one go and used the WOAI installer to install them in batches of 10. Easy.

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