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Orbiter 2016


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Has anyone tried this?




I've read glowing reports, but all from non-flightsim type people (first heard of Orbiter on an rpg site).


Yes! I have been using Orbiter on and off for about 8 years. MSFS has a high learning curve, but Orbiter is even higher, probably (MSFS LEARING CURVE)^4. You need to learn basics of orbital mechanics. If you don't then the shortest flight you can make into space to another orbiting body, the International Space Station is near impossible. You only got a limited amount of fuel and managing it is a challenge. Getting there is half the challenge, getting back and landing is even tougher.


The scenery is EXCELLENT from orbit, but when landing well, its like MSFS 3.0 (I never used MSFS 3.0) but you get the point!


I recommend you give it a shot... you will like it.

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