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BIOS Questions - Can You Assist?


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I can't seem to boot into the CD/DVD drive. The writer is in the BIOS list and I've given it priority, but not in the boot up (reset + F12) options list. It only shows HDD and LAN.


In the BIOS my drive appears as:


! tsstcorp cddvdrw ts-lg33c-(s5)


I take it that the '!' is some sort of caution? May be why it's not showing in the list on reboot.


Any help with this?


Thanks in advance

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Problem Resolved:


I discoverd (via extensive reseacrh) that by highlighting the CD/DVD writer in the Bios, then pressing Shift+1, the '!' will vansih.


You can then restart, press F12 and the drive now re apears on the list.


I chose not to delete this post incase any one else has the same issues in th future.

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