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I use AIFP 3 and I don't have any traffic that is native to FSX nor acceleration. Every traffic I have is from WOAI.


I have notice that some airplane are cruising like rockets... very very fast. Some have respectable and "realistic" speed. But some show speed up to 425 knot (ground speed) when they are at at low altitude ( under FL100). I saw an c-17 doing 437 (ground speed) just after leaving the airport. It was about 3000 feet in altitude!


I'm am not surprise to see a ground speed of 450 when the airplane is at fl300, but at lower altitude????


So I've decided to make a flight plan using aifp with a c-17 I have, and everything is ok except that the aircraft is going so fast that I can't even follow it with an identical c-17 at full throttle!!! So I've read the manual again and again with no luck of really understanding some subtleties (English is not my language). I've check some forums and here but again, no luck.


It seems to me that the ai try to reach it's cruising speed of 450 knot (ground speed) specified in the aircraft.cfg as fast as it can regardless of what altitude it is. I tried changing it's cruise speed but than the aircraft seem terrible slow at higher altitude and really unrealistic, but ok at lower altitude.


I've change the cruising speed in the aircraft data list to 250, but still the same.


The only way I've manage to slow them down was by overwriting the ETA ( example for 1 hr trip and an ETA of 12:00, I've overwrite the ETA to say 13:00)


What am I missing... can someone help me please.



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