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First experience with X-Demo good, but have questions


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I'm a long time FSXer. Just bought the iMac 27 5k retina so I thought I'd try the demo. I see many things I like, but am curious about a few things.

- does the demo version differ much from what the new 10.50 provides? (General Look, feel, ?) In other words, if the same demo was made from 10.50, what might be better?

- having spent $$ for FSX world, can't spend much just to see if I want to go X. I mostly fly VFR in NW part of US and AK. Would regional X be better way to start? Would upgrade to global then be cheaper down the road (vice having to pay full price)?

- Really like the user manual explanations! Outstanding way to help me understand terminology and select the best settings! But I'm not sure how to get the most out of my new 5k screen. Full screen is awesome but the cockpit instruments have a soft focus. Recognize I'm stretching it because very little out there runs at 5k. Any suggestions about getting the best, large visual? If I can do that, I'm probably sold!


Appreciate any comments at this point.


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1) the (most recent) demo is exactly the same as the most recent XP version, currently 10.50


2) I would recommend the X-Plane 10 Global Digital Download Edition, which is cheaper than the DVDs version anyway. Of course, this may depend on your internet connection speed. I also noticed that e.g. Pilot Shop doesn't seem to sell the regional edition any longer.


3) Can't help you with the visuals. It's mostly a matter of trial and error.

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