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Error connecting tablet as touchscreen for gps


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I have tried for days, without success to do this wit the gym 750. I've tried 3rd party apps such as iDisplay, splashing, airduet and Twomon USB. All of them cause the following message "fsx does not meet minimum requirements for shader support. This product requires a geforce3/radeon8500 class or better graphics card. Fsx will now exit"


I know it's the 3rd party apps causing the error.


I run fsx:we on w7, i7 2600k, GeForce 750to and the tablet is a Huawei T1-821L. Screen resolution of either 1280x800 or 800x1280 depending on it's orientation.


I've seen people manage it with an iPad buy I can't really afford one, any ideas? I'm at my wits end with it lol.


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