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Laser Printers

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Guys what printer is goof (flightsimmers-recommended)?

I searched a little, Brother seems popular these days, I want to cross check with simmers. I will be printing checklists/tutorials,

right now I use pdfs switching views between FSX to pdf files and it is a pain in the tuss.


6 years ago when I built my previous PC, I bought an HP inkjet (laser printers were still expensive), it worked for a year-two and stopped. Those were troublesome printers then, paper stocking every other time, expensive cartages lasting few weeks, connection issues...

I don't care for how fancy, don't want to overspend on a printer, the purpose to be straight forward - I need it to print FS-related stuff quickly and efficiently, without all those issues that mechanical inkjet printers used to have back in the day.

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HP is a good brand sold at your local office supply store or online through Amazon, etc.


Since I worked in that industry I know quite a bit about them. If you thought ink-jet cartridges were expensive, wait till you have to change out an all-in-one cartridge (Drumstation-toner/developer supply) for each color. There are cheaper supplies available for the laser printers but they are generally crap and it's better to stick with the name brands.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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I got through 3 inkjets before I bought an HP laserjet all in one printer, photocopier and scanner.


Yes toner cartridges are much more expensive than inkjet, but they do last much longer and don't clog up.


I've had the HP for over a year now and I'm still on the original set of cartridges, though print in black and white most of the time. Lasers are generally much more reliable than inkjets and the output is much better quality.



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