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Got fall colors BUT where did my WATER go????


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:confused:The first of Sept. The trees turn to fall colors and then I found I have no water. I have gone back and removed many addons thinking that could be the problem. I have Rex Essential plus Overdrive, Orbx Vector, Global, FSX gold, Should I put the fix it disk in or is there something I could do. I have tried changing the time of year but it stayed in fall:confused:.

Here a a few pic's as I fly over the water.






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That's awfully nice looking land that is suppose to be water! I see your GPS says you're suppose to be over water, does your map also show you over water? Is this ocean or a very big lake?


Have you tried to uncheck anything to do with ORBX in your FSX Library?

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I can't recall ever seeing a problem with water or land appearing inappropriately that wasn't related to ORBX and the terrain.cfg file. A system restore is not an option as Windows treats .cfg files as if they were text files and therefore not protected. The only assistance that ORBX provides is through their forums and most likely they'll accuse you of having done something wrong to cause the problem. Hopefully, someone will be able to provide a clue as to how to correct this but start thinking of a re-install as this may be the easiest solution.

Jim F.

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Don't reinstall just yet. I had this problem a couple of times and it was due to the water textures being overwritten. My culprit was Ultimate Terrain. Went to there setup app and changed the water textures to reflect the current season, which was going from winter to summer for me, and all was well.
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