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Where Can I Find - Curtiss HS-2L Flying Boat


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There are a lot of very nice Curtiss simulation aircraft listed here on the website. I am amazed that someone has not created one of the most popular early aircraft - the Curtiss HS-2L Flying Boat. If there is a product or download available, would some tell me where I might find it? Thanks :-)
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I'm a vintage nut and have never seen a Curtiss HS-2L for FSX or FS2004.

Nearest lookalike is this Lohner (below) in the file library, it's smaller than the Curtiss.





If you're interested, 3 other flying boat downloads that look like the Curtiss HS-2L (except they've got more than 1 engine each) are below, top to bottom-

Curtiss NC-4

Short Singapore

Felixstowe F2A






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God I hate computers!!!


Hey Mick, isn't it amazing! If any other object or appliance we ever bought caused us as much grief as our computers do on a regular basis, we'd take them back and demand a 100% refund or more for our pain! Yet despite all the glitches and hassles, we still soldier on with our hugely expensive computers and a half baked program that is at least a decade old!:p:p

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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