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Saitek panels with Carenado C208EX


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I'm using Saitek panels for years with many add-on GA aircraft, mostly Carenado, without any problems exept for one - Carenado C208EX. Great plane but, my switch panel dont work with it... and the plane is sitting in the hangar for a couple of months now. Never had to fool with Spad set-up before.

I tough that we had enough tweaking to do with fsx.cfg, NVidia Inspector profile, DXfixer, etc etc... LOL

Is anyone have an idea of what is the bug ?


i7-4790K @4400 on Gigabyte Z97X (16gb), GeForce GTX 970 OC, Corsair Spec case

Win7 Ult(64) on Samsung850 SSD(256), FSX+Accell on Samsung850 SSD(256), Track IR5

Saitek yoke/rudder radio/multi/switch panels, Logitech G13, GMap on Samsung tab

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