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Closing Runways for AI traffic Takeoff/Landing???


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Is there some special trick to this in FS9? No entry I ever make in an AFCAD file seems to make any difference - I mark a runway, say, closed for landing, save and restart FS9 but AI traffic continue to land on the runway anyway. I tried, just in case, removing the default AP file for the airport, but that doesn't help. Browsing for an answer, there are various opinions, for example, positive...


Is there any way to close down a runway for takeoffs only or landings only? I had great success with that in FS9 (but FSX just disregards it)


and negative:


Is it possible in FSX to close one end of a runway? (it wasn't in FS9)


So what's the truth, how can I close off a particular runway for AI landings (or take-off)? Maybe it only works with default AFCADs (never tried that: I rarely fly from FS default airports these days) and not 3rd. party sceneries? (I am trying to close off Rwy 32R for landing in the payware MDesign UUDD, to make this specific. I have no other AFCADs for UUDD active).



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Not necessarly. My Kai Tak (and others) works perfectly with exclusively curved approach.


Yes my Kai Tak (FlyTampa) too works just fine with the IGS RWY13 open for landing/ takeoff, and the other end closed.


But most of my attempts to edit an existing afcad for other airports in FS9 to give the same result do not work. Why, I have no idea.

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That Kai Tak AFCAD file was edited by Jim Vile, who knows all the tricks. Basically you cannot close one end of a runway, but you can reduce its priority score so low it will be rarely used. Things like deleting its start location, moving its location in the runway listing, etc. And marking it closed, of course.


As for the OP's question, the most complete answer is that you cannot generally close a runway for AI unless it is parallel to the runway ATC has picked as aligned with the wind (or a heading within 8 degrees of it, at least). Therefore, if the runway chosen by ATC is marked as closed and there is no other runway within 8 degrees heading of that, then ATC will use the closed runway anyway.


Jim Vile has come up with a clever method to open all or most runways at an airport at the same time by creating tiny fake runways that are all within 8 degrees of each other. Then FS sees all runways as parallel and you can close any you like. Closing one end of a runway is still tricky, though.




Hope this helps,

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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Kai Tak was mentioned just as a sample of typical one way approach. Curved is subsidiary.

So called crosswind runways as stated by Tom aren't easy to create. That's certainly the reason that you only will find a very few Afcad allowing AI to use also the runways crossing together like at Amsterdam Schiphol.

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