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Rolling back Windows updates until FSx works again


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I have been trying unsuccessfully to get FS x to install and run in windows 10, it did work OK but after a lay off and I assume several windows update I came back to it and found it would not open, uninstalling and re installing resulted in the install wizard would not even complete it's task and failed before the proper install started . I found a few results on the various forums from changing file names to deleting files altogether, making or creating a new user account or downloading the latest version of .net framework which I did not know about so kept away from that.


But all I want to do is get back to how it was before the upset of a download because FS2004 won't run either, so my question is has anyone identified the update that presumably caused this and will rolling back to an earlier date resolve this or perhaps using system restore again with a date may be the answer.


I have looked on a few Flight Sim forums and it seems I am not alone, many are hanging on to their older O S's for this reason.

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I'm running FSX Gold just fine with Win 10 and all the updates, so it does work.


In your situation, here's what I would do.


First of all, make sure FSX is completely uninstalled - there are several threads in this august forum on how to be sure of that. Then, I would get a tool like Ccleaner and run both its cleaning option and the registry cleaning option, and finally use it to make sure that things that you don't want start automatically. Now run all the Windows 10 updates. Reboot.


Then try to install FSX, but early on you'll get a question on whether you want to do a custom install. Elect to do this and then install to something like C:\FSX - or, if you have another hard drive or can get a big one, to E:\FSX or something like that. At the end of the installation, fly around a little bit, then shut FSX down. When shut down, REBOOT.


Then, if you have Acceleration, install that. At the end of that installation, fly around again a bit, then shut FSX down. Reboot AGAIN.


Now you can register FSX, and go on into the wild blue yonder....



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It could be, as you have found in other threads, a .net issue. However, it is more likely that your current install of MS Visual C++ 2005 is damaged/corrupted. C++ 2005 is required by FSX to run. During the install process FSX will check for what it considers to be a valid C++ 2005 install - if it finds it, it will continue the install, if not it will try to install a (very OUTDATED) version of C++ 2005 that is contained on the disks.


The C++ error seems to be fairly common WRT to W10 and is not just confined to the 2005 version. It seems that the way in which W10 updates certain older versions of .dll files with newer (latest) versions can cause issues. However, installing the latest download version of the required C++ package fixes the problem even though it contains the same file used in the W10 update.


If you go the Program and Features page within Control panel you will be able to see what versions of Visual C++ versions you have installed (never delete any of these as they will be used by other apps) - check to see if the 2005 version is listed. If not, it needs installing, if yes it is likely to be corrupted.


Because of the known problem I highlighted above I would suggest that, after doing as Jorgen has suggested at post #3, prior to re-installing FSX you go to the following links and download the latest C++ 2005 versions to a temp folder - note, if you have a 32 bit OS installed you only need the 32 bit version, if you have a 64 bit install you will need both 32 and 64 bit versions installed.


32 bit - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=3387


64 bit - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=18471


Run the installer by right clicking on it and selecting Run As Administrator from the menu. When you run the installer if it finds a reference to C++ 2005 in the registry it will offer a repair option as well as a full install - go with the repair option as it is a lot quicker and will replace any missing and/or corrupt files.


Once you have installed them reboot and try installing FSX again.


FTR if required you can also download and install .net framework versions very easily in the same way as outlined above for C++ - they can be found at https://www.microsoft.com/net/download - only use the links at the very top section of the page (under the section labelled .NET Framwork Downloads) which are linked to auto-installer versions. As with C++ you can have multiple version of .net on your system - they are designed to co-exist with each other and applications will only use the specific version that they need.


WRT to rolling back/restoring - it will only work until the next windows update is rolled out - it will, unfortunately, re-queue all required updates that need installing, including those that were previously downloaded/installed but subsequently deleted by the restore process. Therefore, it is likely the problem may occur again or, if you are lucky, it may go without a repeat of the problem.


FTR I have been running FSX on a W10 rig for the last 6 months and, so far, have not had any problems regarding updates.




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