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nice pics man


Thanks Darren


Great nose art, David! ;)


Charlie, Hey old friend... Thanks once uploaded check it out!


Nice looking pics. Kenny




Excellent paint on this one. Some fine shots of it too. :cool: :cool: :)


Thanks, How many shades of Black can you count? Black is the most difficult of colors to work with


Great paintjob David! :cool::cool::cool: Is it a Basler or a Braddick Turbo Three? :)


Jan it's the Basler BT-67, how have you been it's been 7 month's since I've been on the site.




The title. Then black turboprop (DC-3?). The racy nose art.


Does Thi simply that what happens in the cabin stays in the cabin????





Yeap sure does! Including the Brunette that comes along with it.

"Remember, All you have to do is ask."


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