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Possible Saitek problem


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I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this kind of problem... I have my various views set up on the reg button on the right hand side of the yoke. I have no problem cycling through the views using this button, but for some reason, the system will arbitrarily change the views without the button being pushed. While this is annoying, it does not affect the simulation unless you are in a critical maneuver. Does anyone have a fix?



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Sounds like a wiring problem within the controller. From your post I can't tell if the change is to the view category, another view within the category, a random view, or another specific view. I would first determine which and then re-assign that key to an easily identifiable different function; e.g. the map. Or perhaps, going to the calibration screen and exercising the controller and seeing if you see anything inappropriate.

And, I don't recall reading about anyone else having this particular problem.

Jim F.

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I have to agree. You seem to have a hardware issue. I'm guessing maybe a weak spring in the button or something along that line. But it could be a bare spot on a wire as well.


As the default view change button, I use the red one for the same purpose. If it wouldn't change views, I'd call it a broken wire or something like that. Since you have the opposite problem I'd look for a short. Could be something as simple as dirt arcing the contacts.


I haven't had reason to disassembly my yoke handles. But based on the way it is made, that shouldn't be a difficult proposition.


Please let us know what you find and good luck!



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for some reason, the system will arbitrarily change the views without the button being pushed


I guess it makes a difference whether you have successfully used the yoke for a long time and this is new, or if you have just started with the yoke and it does this. However, this behaviour is the classic 'phantom keypress' bug, one of the Saitek yoke's many widely-reported problems. The solutions vary - for me, it was to not install the Saitek SST software. For other solutions google 'Saitek yoke phantom keypress' and be prepared to wade through masses of similar reports.


I would not recommend opening the yoke handle unless you are convinced it's a hardware problem. The front and rear halves of the handle are joined together by short wires that connect the switches in the front half. You cannot separate the halves without cutting these wires, so you need to be careful not to pull any of the wires off. You can see this in my

if you're interested.




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