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SimIcons Panel Modify?


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Does anyone know if I can edit the CaptainSim (CS) 777 SimIcons panel such that


1. I'd like to move the icons to different locations in the matrix, like the MCP icon I'd prefer in the upper right corner of this matrix.


2. Can we replace some the panels that are called up for display? For example, I don't need to see the standby gauges so I'd prefer to use that matrix spot to display a 2d overhead panel.


Thank you...

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Here we go,


First thing to do is locate the Simicons code.

In the aircraft's panel folder, open panel.cfg.

Under [Window00] or [Window01] (depending on the AC) a line with "icons" or similar will appear.


gauge02=Captain_Sim.x707.tools!icons, 0,532,24,120


The important part is the red one before the exclamation point. Write this down.

Now in the panel folder, locate Captain_Sim.x707.tools.cab, and unzip it in a folder with EXACTLY the same name, and with the panel folder as parent folder.

In our case the folder will be ..\Panel\Captain_Sim.x707.tools\


OK. In that folder you'll find the XML-code and the bitmaps for the Simicons. Now it's up to you to modify it...


PS. FSX will read the folder first, no need to delete/move the original cab (serves as backup as well ;)).

PS2. If you find an SPB file in stead of an XML file, google for a conversion tool first.



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OK, I understand the icons/matrix positioning. So I should be able to now move them around. Thank you.


I think I understand how to call a different 2d panel. It's this line:


Script 11105 (>K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE) /Script (I'm leaving the off so it will post).


All I need is the number of the 2d panels. Where would I find that listing?



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The number of the 2D panels is found in panel.cfg, IDENT=xxxxx


As for re-compiling, no need for that.

The FOLDER will always have advantage over the CAB.


But if you still want to compile anyway, you can use cabdir.exe from the SDK (definitely DO NOT use Winzip or so).



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