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Majestic Airways: European Based Virtual Airline. Open to new pilots!


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Hey guys,


Im the president of Majestic Airways, and just wanted to let everyone know a little about the airline. (New Pilot info and VA website at bottom)


Majestic Airways is a fairly new airline, but this is not my first one. I've run others before but only used the trial periods on fsairlines. The only difference is that i bought a 3 month membership for this one. Im going to get a year long one when this expires - dont worry if you join i will not go inactive!




We currently have 4 aircraft in our fleet - 1 B738 3 A318's (as of 8/14/16)


We are based at LHR (London Heathrow) In London, England. We serve flights from LHR to 7 airports in England, 1 in France, and 2 in Italy, Germany and Spain. These airports are our starting flights. We will add more flights to other airports around the world as we increase in size and aircraft range. So far we can only go 1500nm/flight due to aircraft range. (see opperating airport ICAO list below)


All our aircraft are maintained regularly.


We currently have 40 flights to choose from, with all our aircraft currently at Heathrow. We still have more flights to add.


New Pilot Information:


- New pilots will earn 5% of flight earnings, each flight, untill they are promoted to the next rank. Each rank has a higher responsibility and earns more per flight. Ranks are determined by hours flown for the airline.


- Majestic Airways believes that most pilots joining an airline already know how to use their flight simulator (FSX etc..). So for that reason, there is no training period before you get to fly. Immediately after joining you will be given the rank of First Officer, and earn 5% of VA income. You will also be rated for the A318 and B738.


- To work your way up the ranks you need to fly. Ranks will be assigned to pilots based on flight hours. manager status will be given to pilots who deserve it, not by asking. For new type ratings, you will need a certain number of hours with the airline and in certain aircraft.


- Majestic Airways uses the FSAirlines flight logger and VA management system to help log flights and manage the VA. So pilots dot have to worry about tracking hours. Just start the client, click fly and then end flight when you land! The tracker does the rest.


- On the FSAirlines website, there is a live flight map, incase you wanted to see where other Majestic pilots are. :)


- To learn more about the airline, or join Majestic Airways visit (temporary website): http://majesticairwaysva.wixsite.com/majestic/join-us and fill out the form. The form basically signs you up for FSAirlines, wich allows you to access the pilot client, and automatically signs you up for Majestic Airways. Dont worry you dont need to pay to join or fly!



Airports Serviced: (as of 8/14/16)








Germany: EDDF, EDDM




More airports to come soon, also, if you have an airport you like to fly to but dont see it here, feel free to request that airport be added to our flight list.



Thanks everyone who took the time to read this and consider joining! I look forward to seeing you soon, and in the flight deck of our aircraft!


~ pilot12mcc

Majestic Airways President

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