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Looking for a little feedback from those in the know


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I'm finally getting a new system to run FSX on. My old computer can do it but struggles. I am on a budget but have someone building for me. After some research for what we think should run FSX fairly well, we're just about ready to order parts.


Here's the parts list:


i7-4790k 4.00GHz

GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

MSI Z97 PC Mate LGA 1150 Motherboard

G. Skill Sniper Series 16GB (2x8GB) Memory

ADATA Premier SP550 2.5" 240GB SSD

Western Digital 1TB Hard Drive

ASUS 24x DVD Burner

EVGA SuperNova B2 110-B2-0750 VR 80+Bronze 750W Power Supply

Noctua NH-D14 120mm & 140mm SSO CPU Cooler

Windows 10 Pro

Case: TBD


Any thoughts?

I'm hoping that this will allow me 20-30FPS most of the time.

Currently I only run FSX Gold, GEX, UT. I would like to get more scenery but figured it would be better to wait.

Any input would be helpful before ordering.


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great buid, tried and trusted cpu.

only niggles I see:

Noct DH14 - you will soon want something quieter, and will start to resent all that heat being dumped into the case and slowly heating up the interior during long sessions.

So, get a 280 millimeter Radiator. (140x280). (liquid cooling).

And a case to match. With at least an outlet in the front for two 140 mm fans (or a 280 mill Rad, although that's sometimes a tight squeeze),

Better yet, a case that also has openings in the top for a 280 mill,

my case has room in the top for 140, 280, or even 360 rad.


(I don't have the wqatercooler yet, as I have a different cpu. I have a 3570k. Those have a different material that transfers the heat from the internal chip to the processor case, and attaching a huge cooler to that cpu-case is pointless.) (I have a mech cooler now, but will soon upgrade to a 140x140 watercooler to reduce fan noise.)


With your cpu (1150 socket, this material is different, better, and allows for much better cooling), a 280x140 Rad is useful. With a 4790k, especially overcloced, it will be an improvement.

Even if you don't go for a Rad now, buy a case that it will at some point fit in.


(Case, I have a Fractal Design Define R5 Black. 140mill fans all round,

2 in front,

1 (without lower drivecage 2) in the floor,

1 in the back,

3 in the top,

1 in the left side panel.


fans in top, and side panel are closed by sturdy padded panels that can be individually removed,

drive cage can be split top/bottom. If split can be mounted either position. Can be rotated too.


Can be a simple case, is adaptable and grows with your needs.


Probably the model is now surpassed by a later model, with even more tricks.

Just wanted to give a vote for Fractal Design, and stress the importance of getting something with plenty of large fan mounts.


Happy building!:)

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I dont consider myself an expert, however i have been doing this (running FSX) since its first release and have learnt nearly all there is to learn, but never had the money to build a machine like you plan.


Both myself and a mate (who is mildly autistic and works for the govt as a senior IT advisor in hospitals, has a degree in electronic engineering, is the smartest person i know, and generally he is correct and everyone else is wrong) we both suggest the new skylake I7 6700k. Same price and much newer architecture, and in many benchmarks, beats the 4790 at stock speeds.


Toms hardware is a useless benchmark tool in my experience, check out some others.

Single core performance is the key stat you are looking for with relation to FSX.

You will need to change to an LGA1151 mobo of course for this newer architecture, but as the old LGA1150 is now about 3 years old, its probably a good idea anyway....

Also if this is purely for FSX, save some money on the graphics card.

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