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FSX freeze after 10-20 minutes of play


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Hey everyone,



I'm submiting this thread because i searched everywhere, on this forum or google.

This is my last change to repair my fsx.


Problem : My screen freeze after 10-20 minuts of play. For un-freeze my screen, i need to go to CTRL + ALT + SUPPR to stop fsx.exe process.

I can hear the plane sound, move the cursor but canno't click.

I did not noticed nothing, it crashs at random speeds, random altitude, random position, random plane.


Cause : I know the cause, i uninstalled all addons, all service pack, all dlc, and reinstalled things step by step to find cause.

It was fixed when i uninstalled "FSX Acceleration pack" or "Service pack 1,2".


After that, the screen wasn't freezing during fly.

But, the problem is that i absolutly need either Acceleration Pack or Service Pack 2.

Because i paid a extension named "FSpassenger" which needs one of them.

I paid 31$ for this programs, i don't want to be scamed because i canno't play to it.


If someone could help me, i would be grateful to him.


Thanks all for reading.


With my Best Regards,

Tom :pilot:

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