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Aerosoft Mallorca X and Ibiza X Compatibility


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I have enjoyed flying in and out of Aerosoft's Mallorca X for a while now but I want to purchase Ibiza too, but have heard of compatability issues with the two, namely that they both cannot be installed at the same time... if this is the case, can I simply remove say Mallorca Airport and the seperate island mesh from my scenery library if I was to fly to Ibiza and visa versa, or would I have to do a complete uninstall then install the other and back again?


I run FSX:SE on windows 7 64 bit but a GTX 950 and an i5 3330 cpu 3.00ghz, if it's relevant :o




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Hi Adam,


Whilst I don't have the subject sceneries I have several other Aerosoft products and have installed them together with no issues. Prior to releasing the current X series of sceneries Aerosoft did release a package that covered the whole Balearic Islands region and if this is installed then you will see compatibility issues - the current X series provides individual scenery for the respective island that the airport is on and this is coded differently from the scenery provided in the old Balearic package.


I think you will be able to install both X products together without any problems. If, however, problems arise you do not need to delete either package. Simply go to the FSX Scenery config page and disable the required entry by unticking the box - when you click OK FSX will rebuild the scenery list and write the changes to the scenery.cfg file and when FSX loads it will not load the disabled item and will load the default FSX scenery for it. To re-enable it simply place a tick back in the box.




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