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Moscow Global Scenery & Drzewiecki Design UUEE - Compatibility


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I Googled this with no luck, so spent an hour or two converting the Moscow Global Scenery bgl files (unhelpfully called by simple numbers) into text files and sorting them.


If you have both the Moscow Global Scenery scenery and the demo Drzewiecki UUEE (which has no city scenery) and want to remove bgl files from Moscow Global Scenery so as to keep the city scenery & buildings, but not have the UUEE showing through the Drzewiecki Design airport (who would want both airports on top of one another!?), you need to remove and archive the following scenery bgl files from the former's scenery folder:


44, 46-55, 57-59, 61-63 & 77-79


Also remove the following exclude files, (or, in my FS9 at least, runway 07/25 is missing):


41, 42 & 43


Then, this is a flatten which operates within the area of UUEE and can be removed (if you get elevation problems with the Drzewiecki airport, try reinstating it, but that shouldn't happen).




Finally remove the MGS AFCAD:


AF2_UUEE_MGS.bgl ...


If you have the latest, full version of the Drzewiecki Design UUEE, then clearly the whole of MGS is redundant...


Hope that helps someone!


If this information is already out there somewhere and I've therefore wasted a sunny Saturday afternoon, please don't tell me! :-)

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Thank you for this information


If you gave a couple of monkeys a box of ballpoints, enough paper, and enough time, they'd eventually finish up writing the complete works of Shakespeare :)
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