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Good payware AI traffic and approx how many addons can my system take


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Hello there!


I am looking for a good payware AI package like UT2 that has up to date airlines that are found at holiday airports like Palma, Heraklion etc. Specific examples are Thomson, Thomas Cook, Condor, easyjet etc. WofAI is excellent for the major carriers but their charters are very dated... I am very pedantic about my sim so parking at Palma next to a condor 753 in a 1990s livery when I'm flying an aircraft with a livery dating to last year annoys me far more than it should ;) Only requirements are that it works with with FSX:SE, isn't extortionate in price (£50+) and obviously has up to date liveries for most major carriers, scheduled or otherwise.


Also, as a ball park figure, how many addons are too much for this system. I'm talking 3-4 payware aircraft each with about 5-6 repaints (Including QW 757, PMDG 737NGX, Capt Sim and/ or L. D 767 (FSX steam compatible??), a few tools eg REX 4 and a fair few payware airports from Aerosoft, UK 2000 etc, probably around 15/20 by the end.


The specs I have are the following:


FSX:Steam Edition

Win 7 64 bit

8GB ram

GE Force GTX950 Graphics card

Intel Core i5-3330 CPU @3GHz


I currently get about 20-25FPS at airports and between 25 and 55 in flight, but with minimal other programs running on the computer, where do you think the addon cut off may lie?


Many thanks,


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I think the only real limit on addons is disk size. I have over 100 payware airports, 50 or so aircraft, still good FPS. I do use Scenery Config Editor to activate just the airports I'm using on a given flight, but have heard some talk that this step really isn't required.
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The number of scenery or aircraft addons will influence loading times (more addons - sim takes longer to start) and the risk of OOMs (more scenery => more memory used => higher probability of running out of memory). At a certain point you may want to look for a tool to limit the number of active sceneries to those that you actually need for your flight.


What generally will degrade performance are programmatic addons, effect enhancements and AI traffic. More complex gauges (like weather radars or taxi cameras), more AI traffic, more external addons like UT2, ASN, EFB, AccuFeel, etc. will slow your sim down.


AI traffic: you could always browse the library here and on other sites for updated liveries for the WOAI models. The last update for UT2 were the 2013 schedules, the models are still the same as they were when UT2 was released. But technologically UT2 is way ahead of the other offerings IMHO - it uses SimConnect to inject traffic based on an external database (making it very easy to exchange liveries, even complete aircraft models - which is sorely needed, because UT2 did not get permission from all airlines to use their liveries, so quite a few are generic). All the others are using the standard BGL based flight plans. Performance wise UT2 can really hurt your sim, if settings are too high.

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Thank you very much, that was extremely helpful. I'll consider UT2 as it updates Germanwings, Airberlin etc but it includes my pet hate... the tui logo being inverted on one side of the tail, judging by the screenshots. I may just delete the tui airlines and run WOAI for Thomson, Tuifly, Arke etc
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