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3D The easy way

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I have a LG Led 47 inch TV, with 3D built in, it will change a 2D Pix, video, and any thing the the computer has on it to 3D. Not quite up to par with the movies designed for 3D, but does a very exceptable job. Dash boards seem close to life size. And am able to set max resolution. This is with smoke 3D glasses, (clipons) and not the RED/Green ones.

Via a HDMI cable, and a USB extension for my Saitek 52 controler. and setting the computer monitor(s) to Duplicate.

One other goodie, I use a Bluetooth dongle, and it plays the sound directly in to my hearing aids. :pilot:

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Zotac Motherboard is a AMD Mini ITX ONBOARD Graphics HD 4250 chipset

AM3 Athlon II PhenomIIx2555 CPU ,3.2 GH Dual Core... 8Gb ram. SATA, with a SSD HD 240GB.


No FPS problems,

This is a very low end board, 6x6 in a small case, and does a great job with graphics and is 3 years old.

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Sure it may be easy, but 2D to 3D hardware conversion is usually rubbish when compared with native 3D. I also have both, so know from experience. The depth is very clever guesswork, but guesswork just the same.


If you're running FSX and want to try native 3D, I wrote a utility for it which you can find in the library with the details below. Works in Win 7, but not Win 8. Unsure about XP.


I also posted some Youtube clips, which you could view before installing the utility if you need convincing. This one is Half Over Under format (you'll need your TV set to Over/Under too) and the Youtube vid needs maximised to full screen and then let the bottom menu bar disappear by not playing with the mouse, to stop menu bar from displacing the half way split


The utility....

FSX - FSX Utilities

FSX Native 3D Utility

Name: fsxnative3dv3-0.zip


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