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Excuse Me!

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I am in the process of flying around the US by visiting each of the state capitals. Having started from Reagan National (KDCA) I am now in Helena, Montana (KHLN) and the 24 flights I have made have been largely incident free. There are a few exceptions…


ATC gave me clearance to land and to follow a Mooney Bravo. The Bravo proceeded to use the entire length of a 9000ft runway for its roll out before turning off. Yep, I had to go around.


Once, whilst pushing back, a fuel truck nearly took my tail off. Talking of fuel truck drivers, having just landed (Indianapolis I think) ground control told me to hold position due to ground traffic. This dimwitted truck driver drove up to me and obviously felt that I should give way. Note that this pic was taken after I had pushed back about 100ft. He kept inching forward until I was very much back on the runway that I had landed on.


Excuse Me.jpg


The most recent incident had me laughing. I was flying from Lincoln, Nebraska (KLNK) to Cheyenne, Wyoming (KCYS) after installing FTX Global Base and AS16. Nice easy flight with really good weather. With AS being a new toy, I was regularly checking the weather reports, especially at KCYS. All reports were good, few clouds at high altitude and no precipitation. Imagine my surprise when, 50 miles out, I saw some very large clouds on the horizon. Was that a flash of lightning? Yes it was!


Well, it did make for a more interesting landing. The following screenshot was taken whilst I was taxiing to parking…


Michael Fish.jpg


I think the weather man at KCYS must have gone to the Michael Fish school of meteorology.


The next adventure was a low level flight from KCYS to KHLN. But, that’s a story for another time.



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Come to think of it I may have edited the taxiway at that point and it's probably my own fault, but at eddf addon airport there's a spot where a truck crosses 7c sometimes. I like it actually. Going around after touching down proves I 'still got it' down! :)

happy flights.:cool:

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