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Formation flying fun

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Hi @ll,


a few random shots of situations generated with my AiTrackerX, specifically the "Follow me" and "Follow other AI" features.


In this Pic I am flying the yellow CL215, the others are all AI mimicking my movements.



Here the Air Force One is an AI following a flightplan. The fighters are AI too, following the 747's movements.







Here I changed to Pilot View mode, using the VC of the default 747. I cannot influence the flight, I just sit back and watch. Everything is controlled by the AI AirForce One behind me.



Main Window of the AITX



Dispatch AI dialog


Oliver Binder


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Still WIP I'm afraid. I still have to write the documenation for it. I tried to create the ultimate plane spotter's tool, and as such, it has a ton of different functions and usage scenarios.


But you are welcome to try it if you want - just drop me a PM here. Be warned though, some of the features require a really powerful machine.

Oliver Binder


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