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Skyspirit 777 no info on cockpit


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Hello everybody,


Alter installing the following file https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?do=copyright&fid=186254


Everything is working properly but screens on cockpit are black with no information.


When i install another cockpit, the cockpit works but then there is a gear problem (contact points are too low) and the bogies are not tilting anymore...


Can anyone help me?


Thanks in advance.



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Hmmm I think I may have experienced something similar to you in the past.


When you say cockpit I am assuming you are talking about the VC and not the 2d panel?

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Thanks for reply. I am talking about 2D cockpit


You are missing a necessary gauge to make the panel light up!


777 needed gauges.JPG


These are available in the download from this file...pt_b777-300er_fsx.zip


This download uses an auto installer to put the aircraft and all necessary gauges and effects into your Sim. You can just delete the aircraft if you don't want it or extract the download to your own made up folder and grab the gauges.

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