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Airbus A318 FD Special Version V3 - New 2D Panel


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Merged François Dorés panel gauges into Chris Jeanne's 2d panel bitmap.


Aircraft - pa318fd_v3_light_pack.zip = Frontier (added Jet Alliance)




Added Heads up display - hudca-v1.zip

Honeywell FMC by Garrett Smith

Groundhandling by Rob Barendregt


Everything works as intended - pop ups, etc. This is a nice aircraft. I like it.

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This is a laptop I'm running FSX (SP 2) on. Win 7 - Dual Core 2.20 GHZ - 3 GB RAM - 32 Bit - Full screen 1600x900x32


Can't run full out obviously and my settings are very very "humble" but managing to get the sim to run and fly smooth with a little bit of basic eye candy. Now if I can just get over my "tweakitis" and start doing more flying I'll be set. :cool:

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