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FSX STEAM - OZx and other Freeware scenery not working. :(

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Hi all


I'm running FSX Steam with ORBX Australia installed. Although i'm having an problem with adding new scenery. Before i installed ORBX Aus, i had already installed a freeware for Bankstown airport which works fine. Although now I've installed ORBX Aus, when i try to install OZx 3.1, it doesn't want to show any of the airports or anything. Just not working?! It installs fine but when i go to Taree airport for example it'll still be default. I've gone to the scenery library and added OZx which seemed all fine, as it loaded a new database, etc. But Again!, when i go to an airport, e.g Taree, it's still default. I've even tried taking the scenery and textures folder out of the OZx folder and adding them to the FSX Addon Scenery folder where the Bankstown scenery is. And it still doesn't work! Do i need to uninstall ORBX Aus? Btw, Bankstown wasn't a zip file and OZx is. Although ORBX Aus was, and it still works? Bazaar? Pls help. And this isn't just with OZx, but with any freeware scenery i install. Pls help. Oh, i'm running Windows 10. Maybe that's a problem? Dunno? Pls help. Really Appreciate it.

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Hi Jacob,

Sorry about my confusion. Just to get this out of the way; zip files are compressed files and are decompressed to be usable by FSX.

Here are the basics: Scenery.cfg points to the scenery files that FSX uses. If you check it with the Australia terrain region selected it will look quite different than when default is selected by FTX central. The second thing to consider is priority. Scenery for the same area with a higher priority will be used. So, in your case, if Scenery.cfg has the ORBX scenery at a higher priority than the Addon scenery the ORBX scenery will be selected. Rather than guess as to how you should handle this I recommend tat you go to the OzX forum and ask there. I'm certain you're not the first to run into this. But if you're a wild and crazy guy like me, with the Australia region selected go into the FSX scenery library and move where you have the OzX scenery installed to a higher priority than the ORBX scenery and see what happens.

Jim F.

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