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Engines Won't Start On Default CRJ700


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Today y try to fly the default CRJ 700 of FSX in P3D (but that happens in many other airplanes).

When i try to start the engines, they start but not at full power, they keep in 8.2% and i can´t give them more power, but when i press Ctrl+E them totally start. I don´t know what to do, beacuse i don´t want to use Ctrl+E


This is the checklist i follow to start my engines:

-Bat switch-on

-APU generator-on

-APU start-on

-Fuel engines 1 and 2-on

-Fuel Pump 1 and 2-on

-engine 1 and 2 starter switch-on


I hope somebody could help me :D


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