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Switching from FS9 to FSX

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Ok so... I'm currently using FS9 still, I am wanting to switch to FSX and I need some advice, I have my own AI aircraft in FSX I pretty much have almost every single airline in the world, and it took me sometime to get that all setup myself, mainly because the repaints of the aircraft I downloaded I modified so that they looked more realistic, and yes I did that for every airline lol! My concern with switching over is will my AI work in FSX? They are FS9 models (most but not all) can have a model switch over to the FSX version, however the question lies in that will my FS9 32bmp textures work in FSX or will keeping them 32bit reduce the frame rates significantly, will I need to convert them all to .dds for it to work or to get the best I guess speed out of FSX, and secondly will the FS9 model aircraft that can't be converted to FSX work in FSX? Most models like for example AIG and FAIB have an FS9 & FSX model, but others like AIM and TFS do not.... If they do work in FSX is it a hit to the speed not being the correct version? And could I still convert the FS9 models textures to .dds for FSX or will the textures not work?


And finally will my FS9 flight plans for AI work in FSX? Do they work properly or are they out of wack?


If someone can understand a word of what I have said then your help would be greatly appreciated!!

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You can use FS9 and FSX airplanes in a mix,no need for making .DDS


But you can NOT have a mix in the FS9 and FSX flightplans,use AIFP for converting the FS9 flightplans to FSX flightplans.


I don't know your computer spec. but you have a lower FPS in FSX,but this is a try and error.



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